Rita Andringa and Rita Lacasta, are two portuguese interior designers that share an aesthetic for the beauty, the uniqueness and the bright side of life! The interior design services offered at ANDRINGA & LACASTA are devoted to the creation of spaces and environments specialy made for each client. The clients and their needs are at the heart of every interior we create - revealing their essence is our main goal. All the creative decisions we make, from start to finish are specifically tailored to suit their own personality and lifestyle. The Atelier designs custom made furniture, lighting and accessories for the interiors. We place equal importance on harmonious proportions, good materials and craftsmanship.

Rita Andringa

Rita Andringa was born in Lisbon in1977. With a family history touching several parts of Europe, it is in diversity that she feels good. In love with beauty, history, art and gastronomy, it was quite natural her penchant for design and architecture.

Rita took Interior Design at IADE, where she graduated in 1999.

Rita worked in renowned Design stores like the nostalgic Santos da Casa and was one of the collaborators at the opening of Armani Casa in Lisbon. Experiences that taught her to deal with unexpected situations and gave her the essential at ease with the public and with the particular customer.

Rita did an internship at Pousadas de Portugal, ENATUR, redesigning the Pousada do Marão, Rita worked five years in the atelier João de Almeida, Pedro Ferreira Pinto, and 8 years in the Atelier Vera Iachia Interiors & Architecture as an interior designer and Project manager.

At the end of 2014, Rita launched with Rita Lacasta, the Atelier Andringa & Lacasta where they highlight - various private homes, offices and hotels.


Rita Lacasta

Rita Lacasta was born in Lisbon in 1971, belonging to a family of Architects where aesthetics and the arts have always been treated as main themes, soon realized her natural inclination for Architecture and Interior Design.

Rita took Interior Design course at IADE, ending in 1995.

During two years created a cabinet Design (Destudio) with fellow students where predominated projects Graphic Design and Interior, highlighting their work for Lisgráfica.

In 1997 begins her collaboration with the Atelier Arch III, having participated in various projects and Interior Decoration such as the Insurance Company Fidelidade, Brisa, Pousadas de Portugal and Infarmed. Rita remained in this Atelier for 9 years.

Between 2006 and 2008 makes several Interior Architecture projects jointly with two architects, including projects for Groundforce Portugal.

She worked for three years at Atelier Vera Iachia Interiors & Architecture as interior designer and Decoration Project Manager.

By the end of 2014, she launched with Rita Andringa the Atelier Andringa & Lacasta where they highlight various private homes, offices and hotels.